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About SchoolBenchmarker

A benchmark is a higher performing, similar school. The more a similar school outperforms your school, the more compelling that school is as a benchmark. SchoolBenchmarker™ helps you identify benchmark schools so that you can:

Help for SchoolBenchmarker™ is below. Because the app is so easy to use, please dive right into and play with SchoolBenchmarker™ to find benchmark schools.

Getting started

To find your potential benchmark schools:

How does SchoolBenchmarker™ work?

For any selected school, SchoolBenchmarker™ presents a default list of Potential benchmarks. The list is generated by the School Similarity Index (SSI) calculation and by one of two school performance calculations.

The SSI clusters similar schools based on these factors:

The list of similar schools is then sorted from higher to lower performance. Performance is calculated based on a school’s ability to produce the desired outcome given its level of economic deprivation. There are two school performance calculations:

Data sources

Optimized for mobile devices

SchoolBenchmarker™ is optimized for use with the iPad® and other mobile platforms, such as the iPhone® or Android devices. It is also optimized for use with modern web browsers such as Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 12+, Chrome 18+ and Safari 5+.

Note: iPad® and iPhone® users can turn SchoolBenchmarker™ into a "virtual app". In Mobile Safari, tap the Toolbar Menu button to the left of the address bar and then tap Add to Home Screen. When accessed from the iPad® and iPhone® Home Screen, SchoolBenchmarker™ will perform as an app.

About the Center for Rural Schools

The New York State Center for Rural Schools, founded in 2008 and located at Cornell University, aims to be a leader in solving systematic problems and improving opportunities, practice, policy for rural schools and the communities they serve. The Center is working with many partners to assist New York State’s school districts to (re)create academically sound schools and socially and economically vibrant communities across the state of NY. A central mission of the Center is to enhance state and local decision-making through the careful use of data. Please contact the Center with suggestions and ideas for further enhancements or new data tools.

SchoolBenchmarker™ was designed and developed by Prism Decision Systems, LLC.

Web app icon is Radar, from The Noun Project.

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